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Angol nyelv + vitorlázás
junioroknak (12 éves kortól) és felnőtteknek

Angol nyelv + búvárkodás
junioroknak (14 éves kortól) és felnőtteknek

Angol nyelv + AC Milan focitábor
(8-16 éveseknek)

A szállást, ellátást, transzfert a diák közvetlenül a külföldi iskolának, az oktatást részét a BIG BEN-nek fizeti meg.



Age of students
12 years and over (under 18 years of age requires written parental consent).

Lesson times
Lesson times depends solely on which course/s have been booked so as to combine the English lessons with the sailing sessions. English with sailing is also available for students taking an Intensive English Course.

N.B. The price for the course/s includes the use of all equipment, rental of boats, a Level of Completion Certificate and also various information handouts.

RYA LEVEL ONE (4 half days - 12 hours)

This course is intended for those persons that are new to this sport and are willing to learn the first basic steps to become a dinghy sailor. After completing the course students are expected to indicate main sailing boat parts & rigging and sail a triangular course in a mono sail (topper) in light to moderate conditions all under supervision. The LEVEL ONE COURSE can be taken as four half-day lessons.

Course Outline

  • Main boat pars & rigging, launching, clothing and safety.

  • First basic knots (reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend, bowline, r-turn & two half hitches), wind direction, orientation and balance.

  • Basic sailing points i.e. beating, reaching, downwind with required settings.

  • Required sheeting and centre board settings of all sailing points.

  • Tacking, stopping, regaining speed and basic boat handling.

  • Capsize on a single-handed boat.

RYA LEVEL TWO (6 half days - 18 hours)

This course is recommended as an immediate follow up to the beginners course, where skills learned have to be improved and it is intended for those students willing to sail on their own, unsupervised in closed waters (bays and harbours) in moderate conditions.

Course Outline:

  • Rigging & unrigging several types of boats.

  • Introduce theory of sailing & first rules of the road.

  • Learn launching & recovery with inshore and offshore winds.

  • Capsize, safety precautions, man overboard recovery, coming alongside, knots, mast & sail setting, introduction to seamanship.

  • Further knots, boat trim & balance, heaving to, planning your course, safety and precautions.


Lessons per week
Students have the option to join one of the courses mentioned below or design a course to suit their particular needs.

No. of students
Any number of students

Age of students
14 years and over. Please note that if applicant is under 18 years of age, ESE must be provided with the PADI Consent Forms (provided by the ESE reservations department) filled in and signed by applicants parents / guardians before booking can be accepted.

Lesson times
Diving lessons are held in the afternoon. English with Diving is not always available for students taking an Intensive English Course.

N.B. The price for this course includes the use of all diving equipment, a Certification Card, transport to and from the dive sites and a Crewpak (a pack containing the English version of the diver manual, dive tables, student log book and a safe diver sticker) and pick-up + drop-off to / from school.

PADI Open water Diving course (2-week course)
This 9-afternoon session course is for the beginner. It introduces the student to the world of diving through controlled academic sessions, practical sessions in confined water and practical sessions in the open water. There are knowledge tests throughout the course and a final exam prior to certification.

PADI Advanced Open water Diving course (1-week course)
This 5-afternoon session course is the next stage in the divers learning curve. This includes academics and five open water dives, (Night dive, Navigation dive, Deep dive, Wreck dive and Multilevel dive). Other diving specialities can be chosen dependant on the individuals requirements.


Angol nyelv + AC Milan focitábor (8-16 éveseknek)

The best soccer club in the world meets the beautiful island of Malta.
Malta offers a large number of adventurous and stimulating experiences apart from being the typical "Sun, Sea and Sand" destination. The historical richness the island offers is presented to the visitor in the form of a unique architectural heritage. The buildings, palaces, cathedrals and pre-historic temples make a visit to Malta a thoroughly rewarding experience.

The Maltese people welcome the company of foreigners and being helpful to them comes naturally. They enjoy life and their broad smiles tell you they are a happy, friendly people.
Apart from the rich history and culture, Malta offers other enjoyable experiences. With endless sunshine and crystal clear waters Malta is a unique location where the visitor can indulge in his or her favourite pastime: sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, country walks, tennis, golf and of course football.
Enjoying a sunny climate, creating a healthy relaxed and friendly lifestyle and a reputation for being safe, Malta is the ideal setting for study and leisure. We will make sure your stay turns out to be a most enjoyable and more than worthwhile experience.

A fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn football skills from AC Milan trainers, learn or improve your English at one of the top English Language Schools on the island, experience the fascinating culture and history of Malta and enjoy the sun and sea in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Accommodation is at the College Camp Residence (6 / 8 students per room / sharing / full board).

Breakfast and dinner will be at the school residence while a packed lunch will be provided.

A group leader will be with the students at all times and will live in with them at the school residence.

Last season, over 10,000 youngsters experienced the world of Milan Junior Camp (MJC) – a blend of sport and activities to bring together boys and girls from all over the world.

It is in the interest of MJC to see to the needs of those young people who have only just started to show a true and keen interest in the world of football as well as to those who are already practising the sport but who want to further their overall skills.
I truly believe in this project where these youngsters are having a true football experience in an enjoyable way while also socializing and making new friends.

Have fun with Milan Junior Camp!




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